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Hugh Jackman plays Logan in the year 2029. Most of the mutants are gone now, and Logan, Professor X, and Caliban are hiding in the desert. All of them are getting sick and losing their abilities to heal themselves. One day, a woman approaches Logan with a request to protect a young girl by taking her to North Dakota. Reluctantly, Logan agrees only at the insistence of Professor X. I did not watch the two other Wolverine films, so I am sure I have lost parts of the backstory; however, it turns out that the film stands on its own. The film belongs to Jackman; his portrayal of Logan as a regretful and enraged “has-been” superhero is absolutely brilliant. This is a very different kind of Marvel Comics movie that almost resembles a western in which a weather- and time-beaten (and alcohol-riddled) hero has one last mission to fulfill. Logan is the opposite of the typical superhero in that we see him well past his peak where he is trying to “unlearn” being a superhero. The film is suspenseful, moves along at a fast pace, and has a great underlying story. Big thumbs up for me for a film that I somehow missed but am glad I finally saw it.

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