Jason Momoa plays Aquaman, the half-human, half-aquatic creature who can coexist equally well in both realms. When he was very young, he lost his mother to the depths when she had to return to her kingdom in order to save her son’s life. As an adult, Mera (Amber Heard) comes to the surface to warn Aquaman about an impending war between the kingdoms above and below. I will start off by saying that overall, the movie was fun, but it also suffers. While Momoa is certainly an impressive-looking superhero above and below the seas, it would have been nice if he had been given more memorable lines. Much of the dialog verged on the corny, and the laughs came not because it was truly funny but that its humor tended to fall flat into the water. There was a lot of action, even if it became repetitive after a while; at almost 2.5 hours, the movie was about an hour too long. Aquaman’s mother looked like – well, Nicole Kidman. I went to see this with my aunt and uncle, and we were all entertained, but we also thought it could have been a shorter film with maybe fewer kingdoms to keep track of. I wonder how this movie plays out in 3D – some of the action scenes appeared as though they would be excellent this way. The film, while not stellar (or, well, oceanic, perhaps), gets a thumbs-up from here.

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