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Madeline’s Madeline

Madeline (Helena Howard, in her first appearance) has joined an experimental theater group. Still in high school, she lives with her mom (Miranda July), and their relationship is strained; they do not get along, and Madeline feels that her mom doesn’t understand her. She takes to the director of the theater group Evangeline (Molly Parker), who seems to be a “surrogate mother” to Madeline as she exploits Madeline for her own interests. I really enjoyed the film; it is intriguing to see an experimental theater setting embedded in a rather experimental film. During the film, the lines between what is actually happening to Madeline and what happens in the theater are blurred, making for an interesting viewing experience. The acting is superb, and there is strong chemistry between the three principle women. I really loved the end of the film – it was a satisfying conclusion to the strange relationship Evangeline has with Madeline. Thumbs up for a very creative and well-acted film but also one that probably will have the most appeal to those who enjoy arthouse cinema.

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