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Thunder Road

This movie popped out of nowhere on a 2018 best movies list in one of my FB film groups. I had never heard of it and to my knowledge got very little if any press, although it has picked up a number of awards on the independent film circuit. Jim Cummings plays Jim, a man whose life seems to be falling apart around him while he valiantly tries to keep all of the pieces propped up. In the opening scene – which is one of the best I have seen – Jim is giving a eulogy for his mother who has just passed away. His sisters are not there, and he makes mention that his mother would not have liked all of the religious overtones to the ceremony, so you know you get a good introduction to what Jim is like. His marriage is falling apart, and he is trying to be a good dad to his daughter. He holds it together, then the next minute, it seems to all fall apart. I loved the way Cummings put this story together – he does a great job of acting (as well as directing) and creates a character for whom I grew to feel a lot of empathy. The screenplay is taught and contains several unexpected twists and turns that keep the story interesting. Big thumbs up from me; I loved the story and the execution, and I hope to see more movies from this director (it seems this is his first acting and directing gig).

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