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What Will People Say?

(Norwegian) Nisha is a Pakistani teenager growing up with her family in Norway. At home, she conforms very closely to what is expected of her by her family and culture; away from home, she is the typical, westernized teenager. One night, her father discovers that she has her boyfriend in her room, and the price for this is that she is shipped off to Pakistan to live with her distant relatives. This is a really fine film with wonderful acting, especially by the actress who plays Nisha (this appears to be her first acting role) and the actor who plays her father Mirza. The film is brutal to watch in places; what Nisha experiences from her direct and extended families are very harsh, and it is even more disturbing knowing that the story is based on the director’s own kidnapping by her parents as a child. I loved how the film ended, and I was completely surprised at what unfolded with the father. Big thumbs up for a film that tells a compelling story of immigrant experience, cultural dissonance, and sexism.

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