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(Korean): Burning tells the story of three people. Lee, an unemployed writer, and recent college graduate, accidentally meets up with Shin, a young woman who is working at a department store. Shin claims she knows Lee, but Lee seems rather disinterested, yet he agrees to have dinner with her. They have sex, and she soon goes away on a trip to Africa; she asks Lee to watch her cat. Shin comes back with Ben, a guy who seems to come from a lot of money and who she met while stranded in an airport. The film is about the odd and uneasy relationship that forms between the three of them. The cinematography and soundtrack are exquisite. There is a mood that permeates the entire film that reflects the world of these three young people from different backgrounds. The plot builds slowly; one of the best and most beautiful scenes includes the two men smoking a joint; the sound of the joint burning on the inhale mirrors the slow burn of the entire film. The acting by the three leads is superior and is one of the strengths of the film. Big thumbs up for a technically superior film that tells an engaging story of three very different untethered and complex souls.

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