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The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

After several years of relative calm after Bricksburg was originally saved by Lucy and Rex, a new threat comes from invaders from outer space. Lucy is captured by the invaders, and it is up to Rex find Lucy and for both of them to once again save their city. I will start by saying that I don’t think this film worked nearly as well as the first one. My daughter called it right: the movie tries way too hard for its laughs. But at a deeper level, the laughs will come to those who are very young and respond to the dazzling colors and on-screen comedy. The land Lucy is taken to is a big, silly, and unending musical. For those who are older and know more about movies, there are a lot of “inside jokes” that cause laughs, such as references to the different movie stars who have played Batman. For those in between, the movie falls rather flat.  I got most of the movie references, and I found them to be momentarily funny, but not really laugh-from-the-belly funny. I give the movie a thumbs up, but it lacks the originality and the fresh and funny perspective that the first one had. The title even is rather lame: Doesn’t Lego 2 imply the second part?

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