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The Mustang

The Mustang tells a story of Roman, an incredibly angry man who has served a very long time in prison, and what happens to him when he participates in a prison program to break wild mustangs. In the beginning, we are told that there are about 100,000 mustangs roaming in the wild, and the Bureau of Land Management periodically rounds them up and sends them to prisons. Ultimately, they are auctioned off.  The story is one that has been told in a number of different ways, but this one works really well. The acting by Matthias Schoenaerts (Roman) and Bruce Dern (the prison horse trainer) is excellent. It is a beautiful film to watch – even the first scenes of the film are breathtaking in their beauty. And, in the end, it is a beautifully told and uplifting human story. Thumbs up for a film that is sometimes a bit bumpy in the storytelling and that leaves a few holes in the narrative. But like The Rider and Lean on Pete, films from last year to which it has similarities, The Mustang is a must-see for horse lovers.

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