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Avengers: Endgame

Avengers – End Game: The story picks up from where Infinity Wars left off. Arrow’s wife and children vanish as Thanos, who has control of the six Infinity stones, makes 50% of the population of the universe disappear. Antman returns after having somehow time traveled to the present, and that event triggers the reunification of the Avengers to get back the Infinity stones. The film is very entertaining. It has several periods of comic relief (especially Thor, who has a very funny post-Avengers life), numerous scenes that are emotionally powerful, and a lot of action, particularly during the last 30 minutes or so. I am glad to have seen this, as I remember leaving the theater supremely bummed after Infinity Wars (the bad guys never win in the comics!). I did think it overlong at just over 3 hours; while overall the time went fast, the first hour or so dragged for me, and I was spending a lot of energy ensuring I could follow all the different threads of the plot. But the ending is spectacular, heartwarming, and satisfying.  The superheroes have flaws and also have a lot of heart. Thumbs up for a film that lived up (mostly) to what I expected for the sequel (although I found myself hoping that there won’t be another!).

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