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John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

Chapter 3 picks up where Chapter 2 left off – John Wick, who commits the ultimate crime of killing an enemy at the Continental Hotel, which is off-limits for killing of any sort, has been granted one hour to make himself scares before he officially becomes excommunicated from the underworld syndicate. The film starts at approximately T minus 20 minutes. The corporate office, which runs on old typewriters and telephone exchanges, is getting ready to pull the trigger and set the 14M prices for his head. We already know that the chances anyone is going to kill John Wick are slim; Winston estimates that the changes are even that he will escape. And he does, to the dismay of a corporate executive sent by the boss to figure out how John Wick escaped, providing another storyline). The film is a series of gunfights, Kung-Fu with guns, knives (and yes, even a library book), mean dogs that are trained to go for the crotch, and even horses with the most dead-on kicks you will ever see. The body to bullet ratio is pushed to the limits with the help of the animals (and the appearance of a woman played by Halle Berry who owns the dogs). It is all completely ridiculous fun and pure adrenalin. Approach this as a black comedy that capitalizes on a lot of different film genres (Kung Fu, James Bond, you name it), and it is thoroughly entertaining. I give it a thumbs up for solid entertainment (if you like this sort of thing). I still don’t think it matches my enthusiasm for the first one, but it still works (even if the fighting at the end starts to get repetitive and tiring). And look forward to Chapter 4, which is definitely coming.

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