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The Biggest Little Farm

This documentary follows the story of John and Molly who, evicted from their Santa Monica apartment because their rescue dog won’t stop barking, secure enough investment from family and friends to purchase a 200-acre farm northeast of Los Angeles. The film covers a period of about 8 years using real-time footage, from their beginnings on land that was essentially dead to the current business that it is (https://www.apricotlanefarms.com/). It is a remarkable story; they hired a man named Alan York who had a vision for how to build a bio-diverse farm that would sustain itself. They bought a few animals that started generating manure and set up a worm composting operation to start to rebuild the soil that was barely penetrable with a pickaxe. They continued to plant more varieties of trees, increase their numbers of animals, and figure out how to deal naturally with snails, coyotes, and drought, a task that is more challenging when Alan is no longer in the picture. The film is beautiful to look at; John is a nature photographer, and some of the footage of farm and wild life is incredible. Overall, it is an inspiring story that offers hope in sustainable farming and its positive impact on the environment. I love a line by John: “Observation followed by creativity is becoming our greatest ally”. Big thumbs up from me.

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