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Wild Rose

Rose-Lynn has just been released from a 12-month prison sentence for transporting drugs. She is a hell-raising Scottish mother of two children who hardly know her. What drives Rose is her desire to become a Nashville country (not “country-western”) singing star. The movie is about her struggles to balance drinking, singing, and motherhood. The storyline is not unfamiliar; it is similar to the many other films that examine the struggles to make a name in the music business. As such, it is pretty predictable. However, what makes this film work is Jessie Buckley, who plays Rose. She brings a raw passion, sincerity, optimism and joy to the film that keeps it alive and fresh from start to finish. In spite of seeming to ride the edge of success and failure, Rose always has her eye on her goal, even if she manages to get sidetracked quite often, and I just found that I quickly sympathized with her. Julie Walters, who plays her mom, is also wonderful, and the two make a great team for the film. Thumbs up for a film whose character had me from the moment I first met her on the screen. Rose is the living embodiment of a country song. This film is Scottish; as such, the accents can be hard to follow, but this would work fine as a rental where you can use captioning.  (2019; 3.5 Stars)

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