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This film is based on the true story of Byron Widner (played fantastically by Jamie Bell), a white supremacist who eventually works with the FBI and leaves the supremacist group he co-founded. Caught between his “parents” who adopted him at a young age and a woman and with three children with whom he falls in love, Widner had to navigate the extreme violence represented by his family and the life he wanted to lead with Julie and her daughters. The film is well-acted, particularly by Jamie Bell, who gives a performance of surprising depth; Danielle MacDonald, who plays Julie, and Vera Farmiga, who plays Byron’s “ma”. I did not know about “One People Project” and its leader who helps people to exit supremacist groups. What was rather disappointing is the lack of depth that could have made this film really great. Thumbs up for a film that is difficult to watch in places but provides a wonderful showcase for Bell’s talent. (2019; 3.5 Stars)

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