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Apollo 11

Using archival audio and video footage, we are transported back to 1969 when Armstrong and Aldrin became the first men to walk on the moon. I absolutely loved this film. Everything is stitched together into one neat story; we see what the astronauts saw, hear conversations between Armstrong, Aldin and Collins and ground control, and experience what those on the ground must have felt at every milestone of that mission. At 9 years old, I don’t really remember those days at all, so to be able to watch this as though I were watching the news was fantastic. The music was great and helps keep the suspense high; even though you know how it all ends, it feels like you don’t. I so wish I had been able to see this on the big screen, but I am glad I got to see it on my little phone. The film should get some recognition for sound and editing at awards time. Big thumbs up for a film that we should all see – those who were too young to remember or not even born yet as well as those who do remember – and experience what it was like when American was truly unified during a pivotal event in history. (2019; 5 Stars)

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