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The story, inspired by true events, concerns Destiny (Constance Wu), a woman who needs money and secures a job dancing in a strip club. There, she meets Ramona (Jennifer Lopez), who takes her under her wing and mentors her. They are working in New York City just before the financial markets crashed, when money flowed through Wall Street and into the NYC party scene. After the crash, they parted ways and later reunited, creating a scheme to drug rich men and get them to rack up their credit cards. The premise itself is interesting – it is kind of a …

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American Factory

This documentary is set in Ohio and begins with the closing of a GM plant near Dayton in 2008. Fast forward to 2015, when a Chinese billionaire buys the building and opens Fuyao, which makes windshields for cars. The film is a fascinating analysis of what happens when two cultures collide in the workplace – two cultures with different ideas of worker’s rights and expectations regarding productivity.  Everything starts out well enough. There are high hopes for those who lost their jobs at GM. However, it doesn’t take long for problems to appear: the low pay – less than half …

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Peanut Butter Falcon

Zak is a man with Downs syndrome who is trapped in a retirement home and who dreams of attending wrestling school with his WWF idol, the Salt Water Redneck. One night, Zak escapes, and lands on a boat owned by rugged and rough-edged crab-pot stealing Tyler (Shia LeBeouf), who finds himself on the lam after a particularly nasty run-in with local fisherman. Begrudgingly, Tyler decides to embark with Zak on a road trip to Florida to the wrestling school and to avoid the fishermen who set out to find him. I love this film. It is incredibly quirky and well-acted. …

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Brittany Runs a Marathon

This film is based on a true story of Brittany, a woman in her late 20’s whose life isn’t really going anywhere; she parties her nights away, is perpetually broke, and her closest “friend” is completely self-absorbed. One day she gets a “wake-up call” from her doctor; she has high blood pressure and needs to lose weight. Brittany forces herself into sweats and runs one block, and she decides that she is going to train for the New York marathon. This is a really inspiring story. Jillian Bell, who plays Brittany, is great in her role; she is funny, incredibly …

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