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Brittany Runs a Marathon

This film is based on a true story of Brittany, a woman in her late 20’s whose life isn’t really going anywhere; she parties her nights away, is perpetually broke, and her closest “friend” is completely self-absorbed. One day she gets a “wake-up call” from her doctor; she has high blood pressure and needs to lose weight. Brittany forces herself into sweats and runs one block, and she decides that she is going to train for the New York marathon. This is a really inspiring story. Jillian Bell, who plays Brittany, is great in her role; she is funny, incredibly likeable, and presents a believable transformation in her character. There are other characters that are interesting and funny – her neighbor, who is going through a difficult divorce; her gay friend who starts runny with her; and the goofy guy who crashes at the house where she is dogsitting. I laughed a lot during the film and was also inspired by her transformation, and the movie has a great message about self-worth and how we value those around us. The film gets a thumbs up from me – some of the story lines aren’t well developed, but you can’t argue with the film’s uplifting message. (2019; 3.5 Stars)

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