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JoJo (played by Roman Griffin Davis, a young actor we will be paying attention to) is a young 10-year old boy who has joined the Hitler Youth. He is small and scrawny and lonely; he lives only with his mother, as his father is off at the war and his sister is no longer with them. He has the help and camaraderie of an imaginary friend to guide him to be the ideal German Nazi youth: Adolf Hitler, played by the director (Taika Waititi). When JoJo discovers his mother’s secret, JoJo sets off on a discovery of what it means to be a Nazi and what it means to be Jewish. This is one of the most hysterically funny films I have ever seen. I am not sure still how the director pulled this off, but he managed to get almost non-stop laughs – and we are talking the gut-busting kind in many places – while balancing with some very serious themes about the Nazi resistance and the treatment of Jews and sympathizers. One moment you are laughing at something so ridiculously funny and the next moment horrified at what you are watching. It is essentially a fabulously written script that clearly walks a fine line between humor, horror, sadness, and empathy. Davis is excellent as the young boy who begins to understand what is happening, and he has enough charisma that the movie really is his film; the chemistry between Davis and Waititi is wonderful to watch, and they play off of each other so well. There are so many funny characters that are excellently played, including Sam Rockwell as the alcoholic Hitler Youth leader; Rebel Wilson as one of the teachers; and Scarlet Johansson as JoJo’s mother. This gets a huge thumbs up from me for a film that kept me laughing while making clear the critical and serious issues surrounding the Nazi persecution of the Jewish people and has so much rich dialogue. Some of the things those kids were saying are so funny yet so wise – they make you laugh and think at the same time; it is satire at its finest. This is one of my favorite films of the year and hopefully should at least earn a screenplay nomination. (2019; 4.5 Stars)

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