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Fred (Seth Rogan) is an idealistic, free speech advocate who writes funny and sharp commentary. Because of his writing, he suddenly finds himself unwilling to work for the new management that expects him to “whitewash” his work. Charlotte (Charlize Theron) is Secretary of State who is positioning herself to be the first woman president. Charlotte used to be Fred’s babysitter. When she is advised that she needs to improve her sense of humor, she hires Fred to write her speeches. I liked the movie, mostly because of the great chemistry between Theron and Rogan – they both work well off of each other. As political satire, it is pretty thin – it could have mined its themes for more punch. But the film does have its share of laughs, and it was fun to watch the two of them together. I give it a thumbs up; it makes a perfect date night film that skims the surface of its material. (2019; 3 stars).

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