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This documentary is the story of the first-ever all-female crew to sail the Whitbread Round the World race in 1989. The film uses a combination of archival video footage montaged with the crew members, members of the press, and skippers of other boats in the race in the present day reflecting on their experience during that race. This is a fascinating and inspiring film of Tracy Edwards, who was in her 20’s at the time. She was a problem teenager who ran away from home at 16 and “never did finish anything she started”. She happened to get a job …

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Tell Me Who I Am

Netflix documentary about two twin brothers. Alex was in a serious motorcycle accident that caused him to lose all memory of anything before the event: the only thing he remembered was that Marcus was his brother. Marcus spent the next several years teaching Alex how to ride a bike, tie his shoes, and rebuilding Alex’s childhood. I won’t say too much more about the film as not to give anything away, as watching how the story unfolds is part of what makes the film so powerful. It is beautifully filmed, using archival video footage and family photographs interspersed with both …

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