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This film offers a glimpse into the life of an African American family lead by a domineering father (played by Sterling Brown) who means well and wants his two children (Kelvin Harrison Jr. and Taylor Russell) to have a better life. The film really has no plot to speak of; it is observational in a sense, just following the ups and downs the family goes through. I am not sure this one would be for everyone. It gets a bit long in some places and really starts to pick up after one particular even happens that shakes the family to its core. The storyline also gets a bit off track once in a while, and some of the camera lighting techniques get a bit repetitive at times. But for me, the film was worth the watch, as it has moments of incredible emotional power and transcendence. The film is primarily an African American story, but it can be anyone’s story about how families heal after a significant loss. The acting is really quite strong, by Brown and especially by Harrison and Russell. Thumbs up from me. (2019; 3.5 Stars)

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