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I Lost My Body

(France) (The version on Netflix right now is dubbed English): This is the most unusual and creative animated film about a hand, which was detached from the body of Naoufel, a teenager who is living with his uncle and rather mean cousin. Two stories are intertwined: The first is the hand, which escaped from the laboratory and embarks on a rather perilous journey through Paris trying to find the rest of its body. The second is the story of Naoufel, who falls in love with a woman who he only knows through the apartment speaker after a botched pizza delivery. This is the kind of film I totally live for – a very unusual (and, in the wrong hands, corny) idea turned into something that becomes edgy and transcendent. The animation is beautiful to watch, and I really was moved by the two interlaced stories and how, over the course of the film, we get to know Naoufel through the memories of the hand and the series of events that led to him losing his hand. I was also made aware of all of the wonderful things that hands give us in life and their contribution to the way we experience it. The soundtrack is a wonderful combination of classical and contemporary sounds. There are some scenes that are incredibly beautiful to look at because of the brilliant animation and others that are incredibly moving. There is one scene in particular when the hand finds itself in a baby’s room that is emotionally powerful and joyful. Big thumbs up for a film that is simultaneously strange and poetic and speaks to the power of memories, dreams, and imagination, and not letting ourselves be limited by either. (2019; 4 Stars)

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