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Dolemite is My Name

Eddie Murphy plays Rudy Ray Moore, a struggling comedian who has an ear for the kind of comedy Black America wants to hear (definitely a counter to Bill Cosby) and turns that into a moderately successful comedy album career. Rudy then decides to make a Shaft-like movie that has women, fighting, and sex. The film is about how he cobbles together the resources to put together a film that would go on to gross 10 million dollars and the box office and establish the “blaxploitation film” era. The movie is very funny; Eddie Murphy is great in the lead role. I am not sure how accurate the details of the film are, but how Rudy pulled together the movie crew to make the film is amazing. The screenwriter, who has other great credits such as the People vs Larry Flint and Ed Wood, tells the story in a very humorous way. The subject is somewhat like the Disaster Artist, although funnier and mostly more interesting. Thumbs up from me for a great performance from the lead in a very entertaining film and for learning about someone I did not know anything about. (2019; 4 Stars).

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