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Kingsmen: The Golden Circle

After his mansion is blown into smithereens and several Kingsmen are lost, Eggsy and Merlin end up in Kentucky to try to uncover who was responsible for the destruction. The film descends into goofy mayhem as they find themselves in the middle of whiskey country and confront a global threat instituted by Poppy, who has created a virus that leaves people paralyzed. The film seems to be a parody of itself; whereas the original Kingsman was fresh and moderately innovative, this one veers into silly comedy involving meat grinders and – yes, Elton John, who seems to be at Poppy’s command. There is still a lot of fun fight scenes, but for those who are looking for a sequel to the original Kingsmen, you won’t find it here. I give it a thumbs up for the comedic value and not the story itself, which is just plain ridiculous. (2017; 2.5 Stars)

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