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During WWI, two young men, Lance Corporal Schofield (George MacKay) and Lance Corporal Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman) have been given an assignment: The Germans have been planning a huge deception, and the two need to reach the front line with orders from the General to not advance, as they are heading into a trap. The film is the journey undertaken by the two to get the message there. Blake’s brother is in that regiment, which gives Blake a larger sense of urgency. Technically, the film is brilliant. The camera work is done to look like a single take, which gives it a sense of being right there with the two young men. The cinematography was gorgeous, especially some of the night shots. The music was also really remarkable. The acting by the two young men, who I recognized but not have seen much, was really great. The overall feeling was one of immediacy, urgency, and suspense. I was personally not as impressed with the film as a story; it lacked depth around the more complex issues of war, and at some point, I had to suspend disbelief and some of the scrapes they get out of. But still a big thumbs up from me. It is thrilling, and while I don’t think it is the best war movie I have seen, it certainly ranks up there. (2019; 4 Stars)

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