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In Fabric

In this British thriller, a woman who is recently separated, lonely, and struggling to raise a rebellious teenage boy, wanders into a dress shop and purchases a striking red dress for a date with someone she has met through a local newspaper singles site. After she buys the dress, a number of strange things begin to happen to her; it is clear that her purchase unleashes some kind of evil force that affects her and others who come into possession of the dress. This is a rather interesting film. It is kind of a horror film but without a lot of blood. It is also a dark comedy – the fashion-related dialog is really funny, as are the various characters who become connected to the dress. The film weaves waking and dream realities into each other which gives the film a creepy effect overall. It does have its scary moments. Thumbs up for a film that is an artistic piece that uses vibrant colors, dream sequences, quirky characters, and music to create a visually and erotically charged horror film that keeps you wondering what is happening; it is more about the art than the story. (2019; 3.5 Stars)

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