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(Sweden). This is a very unusual and strange film. Tina is a customs officer. She has an unusual knack for being able to smell people’s emotions – she can tell when someone is trying to get something illegal through the security checkpoint. One day, Vore comes through security; she senses something is wrong but cannot quite determine what it is. When her partner searches Vore, he doesn’t find anything. Another man comes through who has a child pornography disc hidden in his phone, and this sets off a series of events that connect Tina, Vore, and the other man in unexpected ways. It is really challenging to classify this film. It contains elements of a fairy tale, drama, and horror film.  The actors who play Tina and Vore are brilliant and bring a raw sensitivity to their characters. The story also is one about identity and gender and what it is like to live as an outsider and to connect with others like yourself. There is one sex scene that is brilliant and puts a new definition to “animal attraction”. While it isn’t a perfect film, I loved the story, even though it gets rather weird at times. I also loved the ending. Big thumbs up from me for a very unusual film viewing experience. (2019; 4 Stars)

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