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Asperger’s Are Us

After seeing Paddleton, I was interested in other films by Alexandre Lehmann, and I found this film. This is a documentary about four young men – Noah, Ethan, New Michael, and Jack – who are all on the autism spectrum, had formed their own comedy troupe and were preparing to perform their last show. While I would have liked to have had more background on each of them in terms of their growing up years, I was inspired by these four men who set out to do what they loved doing – comedy. It was also great to hear these guys talk about themselves, what life is like for them, their idiosyncrasies, and what they find funny as well as their love of sharing their humor with others. We also get to hear the perspective of some of their parents as well. This gets a big thumbs up from me! (2016, 4.5 Stars)

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