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(Danish): Sascha is a young woman whose older boyfriend is a drug dealer – and is also very controlling. The film seems to be an examination of her life with her boyfriend over several days. There were a couple of aspects of the film I liked. The lead actress who played Sascha is very good, and I liked how the cameral focused much of the film on her. The director captured the nuances of her character very well. Otherwise, I found the film rather boring. There is a story, but the story itself did not make a lot of sense to me; it seems that she meets two men on a boat from her homeland and begins to get pulled between wanting to go back home and staying with the life of luxury and money that she currently has. There is a demonstration of “toxic masculinity” with the male characters who control their women and control each other. But when I tried to add it all up, I couldn’t come up with a story that really got me to think more deeply about Sascha and her situation. I give it a bare thumbs up, again for the camerawork and the acting, but the lack of a really hard-hitting story makes it for me a film I could have missed. (2018; 2.5 stars)

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