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Long Day’s Journey Into Night

(Chinese): Luo has returned to his hometown after the death of his father. The trip back evokes memories of a friendship with a man he calls Wildcat and Wan, a woman with whom he fell in love and then who disappeared from his life. The film is in two main parts. During the first half, he begins his search for Wan with only an old photograph he finds in his father’s things. The film moves dreamily between past and present to develop the story of Wan. During the last hour, Luo ends up where Wan possibly is singing, falls asleep in a movie theater, and we enter his extended dream. This is a fascinating, haunting, moody film that has all of the characteristics of a great David Lynch film. You can see the influences in the coloring and the way the director moves back and forth between past and present as though in a dream. The score and sound are excellent. The cinematography is brilliant – every shot is meaningful, and I loved the dream sequence that appeared to be a single take. The acting overall is exceptional. The director manages to make you feel like you do in an actual dream. Big thumbs up for a very creative film – if you like David Lynch films, you will probably really enjoy this one as well; it requires patient and very attentive viewing. This is a director whose films I want to see. (2019; 4.5 Stars)

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