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(India). The film comprises four intersecting stories. An unhappy woman has a sexual encounter with a former lover who dies during the act; a father, who left home suddenly 7 years prior, returns as a transgender woman; four boys are watching a porno when one of them discovers his mother is the star, and a man who believes he is the sole survivor of a tsunami believes he has the power to heal people. I loved this film. It reminded me a lot of two other films I really liked: Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia and Robert Altman’s Short Cuts. In this film, the stories rely on the coincidences that connect them. The stories are all good. I really liked the story of the woman who cheated on her husband. It is hilarious dark humor, and their story made me laugh throughout most of it but also evolves as a fairly sweet story of a relationship undergoing a serious trial. The most poignant story is the one with the transgender woman who has to deal with the stigma of her own family and the local community. The stories at first look are rather outlandish, but there is a lot of emotional heft and depth to their messages, and they intersect in very interesting ways. I found myself anxiously waiting to see what connection was coming but also getting completely absorbed into the stories. And laughing. A lot. I love the score, and the acting is strong, particularly by the husband and wife and the man who plays the transgender woman. Big thumbs up for a film that is not perfect but one that is thoroughly entertaining. (2019; 4 Stars)

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