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Dark Waters

The latest Todd Haynes (Carol, Far From Heaven, Safe, I’m Not There) is based on a true story about a lawyer (Mark Ruffalo) who discovers that Dupont has been poisoning the drinking water of a community in West Virginia. The film is well-acted, particularly by Ruffalo who does an excellent job of playing a guy whose passion exhausts him, his family, and his law practice. I have always really liked Todd Haynes films; he is a meticulous director who has a penchant for detail and can tell a really great story. It is a story that is infuriating but also affirming that sometimes the little guy wins (but at great cost). Big thumbs up for a film that tells an important story about corporate secrecy and greed and how deep the pockets of many corporations are. If you like films like Erin Brockovich, you will like this one. (2019; 4.0 Stars)

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