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Corpus Christi

(Poland): Daniel is a young man who, while in juvie, has a sort of spiritual transformation. He wants to become a priest, but his crime makes that not possible. Once released, he is sent to a small town to transition back as a factory worker. He stops in the church and speaks to a young woman who asks him what he is, and he replies, “a priest”, and pulls a clerical collar from his bag. By accident, he becomes the town’s priest. The film is carried by the brilliant acting of its lead (Bartosz Bielenia) who literally embodies a Christ who is unconventional yet compassionate, who is always unabashedly himself in all of his faults but embodies the spirit of Christ as he helps a town heal from a serious and divisive tragedy. It reminded me a bit of “First Reformed”, another brilliant film about spirituality and how its various facets play out in small-town dynamics. The cinematography is beautiful, and the hues create a haunted feel to the town. Big thumbs up from me for a film that explores themes of religion, spirituality, vengeance, and redemption. (2020; 4.5 Stars)

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