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Wild Goose Lake

(Chinese): Zhou is part of a rival gang of motorcycle stealers. At the beginning of the film, we meet Liu, who is there “in place of Zhou’s wife”; the reason for this becomes apparent as the film progresses. He tells Liu that he has upset a rival gang, who is after him, and inadvertently shot a police officer, and the police force is after him as well. The film, told in flashbacks, build Liu and Zhou’s stories. The film is like a film noir; it is mostly set at night in Wuhan, and the lights and neon of the city nightlife are arresting. It is old film noir, but it is also very contemporary in its depiction of the city and its pace. The acting by the two leads is very strong. The pace of the film is fast, and particularly in the latter half, there is a lot of suspense as Zhou gets himself in and out of various situations. I loved the “feel” of the film, the thrill of the chase, and the exquisite lighting. I cannot say that I was completely absorbed by the story; I found the frequent flashbacks to be somewhat confusing, and I am not sure I followed everything completely. But the film gets a thumbs up from me for its stylish filmmaking and energetic script. (2019; 3.5 Stars)

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