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Saint Frances

Bridget is a 30-something whose life seems headed to nowhere: she went to college but is employed as a food service worker and is in a relationship with a sensitive guy but with whom she is unsatisfied. She lands a job as a nanny for 6-year-old Frances, the daughter of two moms, and one of the moms has just had another baby. The film is about the relationship that develops between Bridget and Frances and Bridget’s journey of self-discovery. I liked the film, particularly the actress who played Bridget (Kelly O’Sullivan, who also wrote the screenplay). The screenplay for the most part works, and it does a great job of showing the “messiness” of life – her life and the life of the two moms. Some of the film’s subplots feel a bit contrived, and there are several plotlines that start but are never very well developed. The core of the story, the relationship between Frances and Bridget, is what keeps this film interesting. Thumbs up for a film whose story I felt like I have seen before but still has a fresh (if sometimes unwieldy) approach to the material. (2020; 3.5 Stars)

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