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Sorry We Missed You

This is a new film by Ken Loach (I, Daniel Blake), which like the previous film, is focused on the working poor.  Ricky has had his share of troubles: He and his family (wife Abby, son Seb, and daughter Lisa) lost their home as a result of the 2008 crash, and they have struggled to make ends meet. His wife works in a low-paying home health aide position, and he has not been able to get a decent paying job. One day, he applies and joins a parcel delivery company that promises that “he won’t work for the company, he will work with the company”. It all sounds good in theory – he can rent his own van and deliver a fixed number of packages with opportunities to earn even more income. The film is about how he and his family get caught up in the “promises” that don’t seem to deliver. I enjoyed the film; I like Ken Loach’s perspectives on the lower middle classes and his eye for understanding how the working power survive. His sympathies also lie clearly with families like Ricky’s. I like Loach’s focus on the family rather than on Ricky and his plight; it is more about the deep fissures in the family structure that the economy exacerbates. Overall, the acting was strong even if the screenplay gets a bit “preachy”. Thumbs up for a film that I don’t think was quite a strong as I, Daniel Blake, but if you liked that film, you will mostly likely really enjoy this one as well. (2020; 4 Stars)

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