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The Gentlemen

In this new Guy Ritchie film, Michael (Matthew McConaughey) has created a multimillion-pound marijuana growing and selling operation in London. When he decides to sell the business, there are several characters who try to figure out ways to take the business from him. This is a weird movie. The dialogue is for the most part really corny and bad; I am not quite sure if it was intended that way (I think it was), but in many cases,  it isn’t funny. To Ritchie’s credit, when his brand of craziness works, it is really funny. The only saving grace for me is Hugh Grant’s performance – he is hilarious as a paparazzi-type character who has his own objectives related to the marijuana business. Overall, I just never could get into it. I give it a thumbs up because of Grant’s performance; I appreciated Ritchie’s earliest ventures, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and Snatch, much more than this one. (2020; 3 Stars)

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