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Ordinary Love

Liam Neeson and Lesley Manville are Tom and Joan, a retired couple who have settled into an easy routine that couples who have been together for decades can; their lives are in every sense ordinary. The film is about how their relationship is tested when Joan is diagnosed with breast cancer. What makes this film work is that it gives a close-up view of life; there is no complex plot here, just the day-to-day experiences of a married couple who are coping with a cancer diagnosis. Both actors are wonderful together, but I thought that Manville’s performance was superior, one of the best so far this year. She brought a lot of emotional breadth and depth to the role; she was compelling in every scene, particularly those that detail living through the diagnosis and chemotherapy. Thumbs up for an “ordinary” yet powerful story; kudos to Manville for her performance. (2020; 4 Stars)

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