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(Taiwan-American): The film spans three generations centered on Pin-Jui: Pin-Jui’s childhood and young adulthood; his married years, and his children. The screenplay bounces back and forth in time to tell the story of how Pin-Jui followed his dream and moved to America from Taiwan. It is a story about the choices we make and their ramifications. I liked the film, although I did not think it great. While it is a nicely told story, it lacks the emotional depth needed to connect with the characters. So many of the stories are half-told, and it all felt rushed (one example is his children – he has two of them but the story is focused only on his relationship with his daughter, which seemed odd to me). I usually really like these multigenerational stories about being caught between two cultures; this one didn’t have the impact it could have. I also found the bouncing back and forth in time to be jarring. Thumbs up for a film that is well-acted but could have been a much richer story. (2020; 3 Stars)

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