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Tom Hardy plays Al (Fonso) Capone during the last year of his life. At this point, syphilis has caused extensive neurological damage resulting in worsening dementia. After prison, he lives his final years in an exquisite estate in Florida with his close family and the FBI listening in on all of his phone calls. Capone believes he has hidden 10 million dollars somewhere on the property, but he cannot remember where it is at, and various people around him, including the FBI, are very interested in the money’s whereabouts. The film is rather strange, and not always in a good way. The story is a creative memory of a man whose life was filled with crime and executions and who is haunted by visions and memories in his senility. The director admittedly took several liberties in the screenplay, which is mostly very confusing and leaves too many questions about Capone’s history. Tom Hardy is excellent portraying Capone slowly going mad and losing control of his physical and mental capacities. Unfortunately, the weak screenplay makes the performance seem too over-the-top. I liked watching his take on the Capone character, but it seemed too strong for a weak script. I give it a thumbs up, because of Hardy’s performance, but I found myself wishing the script focused more on Capone psychologically and less on the various plot lines that are not explained very well. There is a lot of wasted potential here. (2020; 3 Stars)

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