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Let it Fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992

This documentary examines the decade prior to the riots that resulted from the exoneration of 4 Los Angeles Police Department officers who were involved with the brutal beating of Rodney King. The film starts off right away with the message that for those who lived in LA, during the decade before, they knew that something was going to happen at some point. The film provides, through interviews and archival footage, a detailed context of what life in Los Angeles was like during that decade: A police department that was at times out of control in its dealings with gang-related activities; a leader who was arrogant and seemed very out-of-touch with what was going on in his own police department and the city; and the rising tensions between the Black and Korean communities. The filmmakers interview community residents (Black and Korean) and members of the police department to create a complex narrative in which most people felt that they were doing the right thing. The pot was simmering, but it took the beating of King to create the spark that resulted in a flood of anger that was taking out on the city. Big thumbs up from me for a film that provides an informative and detailed look at this incident from multiple perspectives. (2017; 5 Stars)

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