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This documentary chronicles the events that let up to the riots in Los Angeles in 1992 as a result of the exoneration of 4 LAPD officers who beat a Black man after a traffic stop. I watched this film right after Let it Fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992, and the difference is that LA92 focuses much more on the days during which the riots occurred. It is a powerful and sobering look at the simmering pot of race relations in the United States. There is so much footage available here; the way it is cut, you actually feel like you are watching some of it real-time, and the viewer gets a very clear sense of the magnitude of the riots and the intense anger that fueled them. This film, like Let It Fall, is shot from multiple points of view. Big thumbs up for an important film that should be essential viewing, particularly by those who don’t feel that there is a race problem in the United States. It is amazing in film after film how none of the men and women in leadership acknowledge that a serious issue exists or their roles in keeping the pot simmering on the edge of a boil. There is also one line that I thought captured a lot: “Communities lead; they don’t follow.  Politicians follow; they don’t lead.” That about sums it up. Watch the film. (2017; 5 Stars)

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