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The Disney Channel brings Hamilton to the big screen! Having seen this on stage, but not with the original cast, I was eager to see the movie version that captured one of the early performances. I was not disappointed; in fact, I was surprised at how well the film captured the energy and excitement of the stage play. The editing work is exceptional –different angles of the stage are captured with all of its intense motion and energy, with lots of close-up shots – it is like you are sitting in orchestra and your eyes move to where they want to. For those who haven’t seen the stage play because it is not playing near you or it is priced too far out of range, what a great thing that Lin Manuel-Miranda did to make sure that everyone who wants to see it can. It is nearly as good as seeing it on stage, the story is great, and the music and lyrics brilliant. Definitely see it. (2020; 5 Stars)

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