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In this newest adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel, Emma (Anna Taylor Joy) lives in a ridiculously rich world in which she does not want for anything. She has shunned the institution of marriage, yet Emma feels the need to serve as a matchmaker (or match breaker) for those around her, especially her friend Harriet (Mia Goth). She is young and inexperienced but perceives herself to be more worldly than she really is, and in her stubbornness is blind to her own feelings, in this case for George (Johnny Flynn). I was rather surprised that I enjoyed the film as much as I did. The film is very funny as it skewers the uber-rich and the pompous world they live in. Joy makes a fantastic Emma, and she and Flynn have wonderful chemistry. I really got into the story and the back and forth between Emma and George. The film gets a thumbs up from me. I am not a Jane Austen expert, but the film really “nails” the coming of age of a young stubborn woman in a pompous 19th-century world of the aristocracy and in a way with similar wit as “The Favourite” from 2018. (2020; 4 Stars)

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