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John Lewis: Good Trouble

This documentary is about the life of John Lewis, congressman and civil rights icon. The film uses interviews (many of them with Lewis as a much older but still committed fighter for civil rights) and archival film and photo sources to tell his story. It is a pretty “standard” documentary; there is nothing extraordinary about the filming or the approach. However, it is an inspiring story about a man who marched with Martin Luther King Jr and found himself arrested and sometimes beaten in his fight for civil rights. He became famous for saying that people should get into “good trouble”. There is a lot of very important history here that still has relevance in 21st century America. We seem to live in a time when people who protest are considered anti-American or are otherwise vilified, but this is a wonderful call to arms that the fight is not anywhere near being over and that we all need to find ways to get into “good trouble” and make the change that needs to happen. The stage changes, but the play seems to remain the same. Big thumbs up for a powerful story of a man who devoted his life to making change. I highly recommend this film. (2020; 4 Stars)

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