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Bruce Springsteen’s Letter to You

This film is a companion piece to Springsteen’s new album, Letter to You. It is partly an extended music video that shows Springsteen and the E Street Band playing many of the songs on the album, but it also is a documentary in which Springsteen looks back on his life, his early influences, and the periods in his life that inspired his current work. I really enjoyed how the concept worked. The film is all shot in black and white, and some of the images are incredibly beautiful to look at. I love the almost poetic reflections that he narrates over old photos of his early years. And, of course, the music conveys a sense of wonder about growing older and at the same time reflects some of his older styles. I really loved the film and found myself thinking it would be nice if other artists did similar films as companions to their albums. It certainly adds to the depth and richness of the songs when you can experience what Springsteen is experiencing when he writes and sings them. (2020; 4.5 Stars)

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