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This documentary is about Fox Rich, who spends 20 years working to free her husband Rob for a bank robbery both of them committed. I really loved this film for several reasons. First, it is not your standard false conviction story; in this particular case, both of them admitted to doing it, but while Fox spent almost 5 years in prison, Rob was sentenced to 60 years initially without the possibility of parole. And the film doesn’t really spend a lot of time focused on that fight; rather, it is more about Fox and her 6 boys who she raised by herself (with the help of her mother while Fox was in prison). This is a woman who statistically should have been a failure, and her boys probably should have ended up in a life of gangs and drugs. However, her boys all were successful in their own rights, which is a testament to Fox’s “scrappiness”, the deep support she had of friends and family during the 20-year crusade, and her own innate brilliance. I also really liked the way the film bounces around between home movies and film created for this production in the present day. What emerges is not a story about “doing time” but about time and how we make the most of it in the worst of circumstances, about life that is missing key moments and what it could have been. The crafting of the film creates a beautiful poem of an inspiring story spanning 20 years. I loved this film. (2020; 4.5 Stars)

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