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Sound of Metal

Ruben (Riz Ahmed) is in a grunge-punk-metal band with his girlfriend Lou (Olivia Cook). Suddenly, Ruben loses his hearing and can no longer drum for their band. The film is about Ruben’s transition to deafness. I really loved the film, mostly because of Riz Ahmed’s performance that is very emotional and brilliantly played. There are times where he doesn’t say anything, but everything that needs to be said he conveys through his eyes and facial expressions. I also like the way the director moved his camera and changed the sounds so that you got a real sense of how Ruben experiences the world around him with no sounds; I thought this part of the film was also great. It is also a story of deafness combined with recovery that made it even stronger. Some parts of the script could have been strengthened with more context about Ruben’s past, and some of the scenes in the recovery house seemed a bit “sugar-coated” at times, but overall, it is a wonderfully told story and one that is exceptionally well-acted by Ahmed. I also really loved the ending. Big thumbs up from me. I see he is in another film this year, Mogul Mowgli, that I will be looking to stream ASAP. (2019; 4 Stars).

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