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Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm

Sasha Baron Cohen, imprisoned for bringing shame to Kazakhstan and which is I think probably how the last movie ended, in exchange for a trip to America to restore the honor of the country. When he gets to America, he finds that his daughter has stowed away, and the two of them embark on a mission to get her married to Mike Pence (at least I think this is how the story went). Some parts of the movie were funny in illuminating issues of cultural difference and what our political system probably looks like from an outsider. However, I found the film more tedious as it went on. I never did watch the first one, and having seen this sequel, I have retained my conviction that it isn’t worth losing two valuable hours of my life to watch it. While I am sure there is an audience for this kind of humor, it just really isn’t my kind of movie. I give it a tenuous thumbs up, but not a tremendous endorsement. My guess is that if you liked the first one, you probably would like this one as well. (2020; 2.5 stars)

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