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Gozilla vs. Kong

Hollow Earth conspiracy theory, high-tech sound and color, corny dialog, and complete destruction come together in this film, a remake of a 1960’s version, that brings together the stories of Godzilla from the 2019 film and Kong: Skull Island from the 2017 film. In the beginning, Kong is being watched by a scientist and her young daughter to whom Kong has taken a liking. In another part of the world, Godzilla suddenly appears on the rampage and then disappears; the girl whom Godzilla saved is puzzled by what is going on. Events conspire to bring the two super-beasts together. For me, I think I am over the Gozilla movies, of which I used to be a fan when I was a kid. My mother loved them, and I remember growing up and watching all the Godzilla movies (as well as any horror or thriller that was available to watch).  There really isn’t much of a story, but the film amply serves as a vehicle for about an hour and a half of great color, sound, and utter destruction of Hong Kong. It is a shame, as there were a lot of places that the script could have been mined for a more interesting story. However, I give in to just a film that is mindless fun. I think I might have enjoyed watching this in the theater with surround sound. I did really enjoy the way the film ended, which was a bit of a surprise for me. Thumbs up for a film that is pure sensory entertainment and not much else (at least for me).

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