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The Mole Agent

(Chile, English Subtitles). The subject of this documentary is Sergio, a widower of 83 years, who applies for a job to go undercover in a nursing home. The private investigator has been hired by the daughter of one of the residents who believe the nursing staff is stealing from her. Sergio takes the job as a way to help deal with the loss of his wife. The film provides an insider look at life in the nursing home. It is rather sad, for the most part, how Sergio engages several of the residents and learns of the loneliness that many feel. There are some parts of the film that are humorous, such as the beginning when Sergio is trying to learn how to use the glasses and pen that contain cameras and other devices he is given; and sweet, such as the woman who falls in love with him. Overall, the film doesn’t work as well as it could, and it kind of wanders and loses its focus at times. I am also not exactly certain how, if Sergio was going in as a mole, how the cameras were around so much of the time in the nursing home. But it is a sweet story of being older and getting closer to the end of life and the importance of family, connection, and memories.

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